BAFTAs 2015!!

Hello to all of our followers here at Laurela!  Today was the BAFTA awards and after heavily debating between all the wonderful…and some not so wonderful looks I decided on a top 3 choices and a bottom 3 choices.

Top 3

Julianne Moore

Lea Seydoux

Reese Witherspoon

and my pick for best dressed is….

Lea Seydoux! (left)


I love this look! The make-up, hair, and the dress are all just beautiful. I love the color on the red carpet, it brings something fresh and bright in the sea of dark suits and dresses. Also can’t get enough of the draping, so pretty!

Now for my bottom 3

Natalie Dormer

Claudia Winkleman

Romola Garai

and the pick for worst dressed…which wasn’t easy haha

Claudia Winkleman!

claudia winkleman

It was really hard to choose between my bottom 3. I mean c’mon Natalie Dormer, lace fingerless gloves? Have we learned nothing from Amal Clooney? I don’t hate the dress, but the gloves just kill the look. As for Romola Garai, the color blocked look was not…awful? I just felt like it was a bit casual for the red carpet. Claudia Winkleman though…this red carpet look seems just sad. It reminds me of a dress that would be at a gothic prom. This type of dress has been done so many times, and the oversized clutch almost blends right into the dress. I honestly am not that familiar with Claudia Winkleman, but this look seems a bit junior.

Thanks for checking out my picks!

Photo credits: Lea Seydoux, Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment Doug Peters. Claudia Winkleman, Getty Images Ian Gavan.


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